How to Properly Sanitize Keyboard, Screen Monitor, and Cellphone during Coronavirus

How to Properly Sanitize Keyboard, Screen Monitor, and Cellphone during Coronavirus Pandemic

Our phone is 10 times dirtier than the toilet seat. Just remember, when was the last time you actually sanitized your phone.

I don't even remember if I ever did. Today I will tell you that how to sanitize and disinfect your tech devices like keyboard, your screen monitors, and even cell phones. I will tell you how to sanitize and disinfect our tech devices in this article and for that we're going to use three products one is a microfiber towel, second is an isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and the third product is a disinfectant wipe. You can use any disinfectant wipe brand that you like. 


In order to clean your keyboard, you should have a hand vacuum or something like that of a keyboard vacuum. If you don’t have any keyboard vacuum then you can just shake your keyboard a little to get some debris out of the key spaces.

After this use the disinfecting wipe. Make sure it doesn't have a lot of liquid inside because it can actually go inside the spaces on the keyboard. You need to just squeeze it inside because a lot of liquid can actually destroy your keyboard. After squeezing it inside you can quickly go over the keyboard very gently, very slowly all around the keyboard in vertical as well as horizontal direction so that you actually go inside all that area and once you have done that use your microfiber towel to wipe it off. Now you will get your beautiful sanitized and disinfected keyboard.

How to Sanitize Monitor

Let’s see how we can sanitize our monitor. To do this we are not using disinfectant wipes in this case because this will actually damage our screen because its screen is not made of plastic. It is a very delicate material. The monitor screen is not made of glass so disinfectant wipes are not a good idea. Here we will use the isopropyl rubbing alcohol because it is actually 91% alcohol and only 9% water which is actually very safe to use on your monitors. So, what you can do is to take a clean side of your microfiber towel, get some alcohol out of the bottle, and go over the screen again and again with the towel. You can go all the directions so that you do not miss any space. With the dry side of the towel, you need to just wipe off the residue. The micro-fiber towel is actually important because if your towel is not lint-free while wiping it off you will actually get some lint on your screen and your screen will not be as crystal clear as it should be. That’s why use lint-free towel. This is how you can actually sanitize your keyboard and your monitor. In case you don't have isopropyl alcohol with you then there are some like alcohol wipes that you can use that are available on Amazon. You can use those also on your monitor and keyboard as well.


Now I will tell you how you can clean and disinfect your phone. To do this make sure your phone is actually unplugged and take off all the accessories like the cover of your phone and battery. Again the process is the same. Now, just take the microfiber towel, use the dry side get some alcohol on the towel. Wipe your phone with this towel gently on all the corners of the phone. Once you have done that again wipe your phone with the dry side of the towel. Keep caution so that your phone might not get some scratches. You can repeat this process once more. This is how you actually clean your phone. 

Remember it is very important to sanitize and disinfect your phone your tech devices at least once a week because you use your phone and those devices every day so they have like a lot of germs and bacteria and viruses on them. 

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