Table of contents
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. WP Hide Login Plugin
  • 3. WP Smush Plugin
  • 4. Tidio Live Chat Plugin
  • 5. Yoast SEO Plugion
  • 6. Facebook Messenger Live Chat Plugin
  • 7. Conclusion


As we already discussed in article on must have plugins for your wordpress website (part 1). Today also we have come up another list of some important and must have plugins for your WordPress website in 2020. So, let’s see the list of these Plugins for your WordPress website:


What does this plugin do? To understand this let’s suppose you are using a WordPress website and to login your website you simply type your website ’s address followed by /wp-admin/ (e.g. and then enter your login credentials. So, using this plugin no other person won’t be able to access to the login page because this plugin disables the access to to the login page which someone simply visits by entering your website’s address followed by wp-login/. It allows you to easily and safely change the URL of the login form page and you can set your permalink to go to your login page which no one can know and this is how you can save your website from being hacked by anyone who can guess your login credentials. Basically it does not allow people to have access to that little login page because that's kind of freaky that anyone can go to your website and know your admin and guess your credentials.
If you are not using this then in that case they may guess your credentials or if they know it then you are going to be in trouble. Your site's gonna be hacked so, this Plugin right here will actually make it so you can change it to anything that you would want. It's a free plugin and it is so easy to use so all you have to do

You can go to the settings on your dashboard and then general and then you can just change permalinks to whatever you want and then go to Save Changes and you have an amazing secret WP admin login. Go WordPress and check out WPS hide login.  

This plugin has over 600,000 plus active installation. It works on 4.1 or higher WordPress version or higher and 7.0 PHP version or higher.
[Note: The wp-admin directory and wp-login.php page become inaccessible, so you should bookmark or remember the URL.]


Next is WP Smush. so what this does is that it actually compresses all of your images and it gets rid of all that extra space to make your site load faster so, it is very helpful and it actually has over 1 million active installs with 4306 positive reviews. So, for example, let's say you have like 20 megabytes of pictures it will try and compress it as much as possible without losing resolution and quality to make it may be around 10 megabytes, so I get around like a 35% reduction on size which decreases loading time. I recommend WP Smush. Just try it out and it will actually Smush all of your images on your website all at one time.
WP Smush optimizes all the images on your website and turns those images into lazy load. It compresses the images and improves the page speed.

Other features of WP Smush are:

  • Lossless compression- image compression doesn’t affects your image quality
  • Bulk Smush – With WP Smush user can Smush up to 50 images with a single click
  • No usage cap of to optimize your images.
  • Images up to 5 MB can be compresses using WP Smush
  • Directory Smush


The next plugin in our list is Tidio Live Chat. It provides a live chat feature.  If you want live chat available on your website Tidio Live Chat is a free service and people can come to your website and they can start chatting and It is just a great service to have to do chats. If you want that little box on the bottom right saying hey you know how can I help you? If you go to some service providing websites you see this little chat now box right there. It is an amazing plugin and you can chat with people right on your website because it helps connect directly with your site visitors and support them immediately. You can actually see also where they are going. It is really cool and really helpful plugin.

More than 300,000 plus websites are already using Tidio Live Chat for increasing their sales by skyrocketing customer experience. It is easy and to setup Tidio live chat and it takes less than a minute to setup in you website.


Yoast is an important plugin in WordPress websites when it comes to SEO. Yoast is probably one of the most required plugins out there. It is because it basically indexes your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It tells people what your website is all about. It is a very helpful plugin for SEO. It basically helps you to do on-page SEO. It is a great plugin that is very helpful.

There is no doubt that this is the no. 1 SEO plugin for WordPress. It helps users to get more visitors by indexing the websites on the search engine like Google and Bing. It attracts visitors from social media platforms. It comes with tow plans Free and Premium. If you are beginner I will recommend you to start with free plan. Its free plan provides much more for the SEO for your website which no other SEO plugin provides.
It has over 135 million downloads and is the most downloaded SEO plugin.


The best one I have for you is Facebook message or live chats. Before you think that this is just live chat, it offers a tons of features plus Facebook integration. This plugin does various things like connects your Facebook Messenger with your fan page. It adds social icons, it adds little chat now option, it adds as tore map so people can click on it right there and just find out where your store is, it has so many extra features in it. This is a free plugin. It has a pro version but I think the free version is just good enough. You get here Facebook live chat. It has so much stuff that you guys can use. It has a notification box. You can actually display the notification box on and go to save. This plugin has a slide box, a sticker, you can use stickers. It is a free plugin and there is no doubt that Facebook is getting more and more popular so, you can enjoy using this plugin with tons of features. 


Hope you like these helpful Plugins that I found for you. The Plugins which I have mentioned in my earlier post, the link of which I have mentioned at the beginning and the Plugins I have mentioned in this post are probably the best solutions depending on what you're trying to do for your website. 

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