We have come with the top best android apps of 2020. Today, we have 9 apps on our list. We will see their features and specifications. Let's continue with our first app. If you have not read our previous articles on Top best android apps of 2020 and New android apps you should try in 2020, then you should go and read them. 


Microsoft math solver is yet another app to make older folks say back. Some days back we didn't even have cell phones. Imagine for an app that does your math homework for you and they're correct. Yes, this app can solve a variety of problems including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and other topics. You can use your camera to snap a photo and Microsoft math will instantly solve it with a step-by-step explanation, interactive graphs, similar problems from the web and even include online video lectures.


If you use YouTube as a music player then you can use repeat button for YouTube to rewind the video so the song plays over and over again. It does this by placing a floating widget on top of the YouTube app. Once you tap the loop button, the video will automatically replay every time it ends. You can also restart the video with the tap of a button and you can hide the widget so it doesn't get in the way of what you're currently watching.


Muviz Edge is a unique app that displays visual effects so run the edges of your screen while you play music off your phone. It's a straight forward idea and it just looks cool. You can customize where the lines start to disperse. You can also change the colors of the lines the thickness length etc.


Arrived is a great app to track all of your shipments automatically. It does this by connecting to your email and from there it'll pull up all your deliveries including past and current ones. New deliveries will automatically show up when you place an online order and it'll provide you with a map so you can see where the shipments are coming from and what stops it has made. It will notify you every step of the way plus you can connect multiple emails. Maybe it is not the best option for those who are scared of allowing an app to access their emails but if you want to give it a shot I definitely recommend it.


Next we have Dark Mode App. This app has one simple task and that is to help you activate the Android dark mode on a device that doesn't give you the option to enable it within the system settings. It is that simple you just jump into the app and toggle on night mode and you should have a dark looking UI. Some of your popular apps will automatically turn dark as well however, it doesn't work on every Android.


Typing Hero helps you type a little faster. Let's say you have to type a long-phrase that you seem to type regularly such as your address. Well, with Typing hero you can just type out a short keyword such as a D and the longer phrase will automatically appear. You can create as many snippets as you like and it is very easy to use.


WPS Fill and Sign is a great app for those who constantly need to fill or sign PDFs on the go. Whenever you receive a PDF through email or text you can open it with WPS and fill it out easily. You can add text, your signature, checkboxes, etc. On top of that, you can auto-fill basic information with any PDF so you can pre-save everything you can. You can scan a paper form.


I was a little hesitating about including this app to the list just because the interface is not that appealing but since I haven't seen any other app doing this that’s why I have included in my list of apps. Essentially it shows you the forecast every pit stop when you're planning to make a long road trip. It shows you if there will be any wind, rain or snow at any time on the road and this is great because it will find the safest time to leave based on the weather. on top of that, it can show you the temperature, wind speed, and the weather.


Last but not least, we have MIUI-ify. This is the perfect solution for anyone who has trouble reaching their status bar. With just one hand toggle, a quick setting tile or interact with the notifications all it does is throw all of your notifications that quick Settings panel to the bottom of your screen for easier access with a single swipe. You can see and control all of your notifications including the music player. You can control the brightness or even the volume of any profile and it also displays important information that is also on your status bar. Swiping upwards will expand the quick settings panel to toggle system settings quickly and you can customize the tiles to add in new ones or rearrange them. You can also change the theme and customize other aspects of the panel within the app.

Here concludes my list of top best Android Apps of 2020.

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