The price of Samsung Galaxy J6 is 9,999. The Galaxy J6 is somewhere between an entry-level smartphone and a mid-level smartphone and it comes with some interesting features. In to the box, there is a Quick Start Guide along with the ejection pin, standard micro-USB cable, standard earphones, and phone and that's pretty much it's that you get inside the box.


Let’s see what the phone is all about. J6 is a 32GB storage and 3GB RAM version. There is also a higher version available with the same specification. From the specifications point of view, the Galaxy J6 is running on Octa-core, 1.6 GHz, Cortex A53 with Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7870 Chipset.


Android v8.0 (Oreo)
The J6 comes to the 5.6” (inch) Super AMOLED display and runs Android 8.0 Oreo. You get a 13-megapixel shooter at the back with f1.9 autofocus LED flash and it is capable of full HD with recording. The selfie camera is an 8-megapixel camera again at f1.9 with a front-facing LED flash and that's really interesting because you would never have dark selfies even if your lighting is absolute zero.


Looking at the build in the design of the device, it's pretty standard for any entry-level or amid-level smartphone. You've got a plastic back which actually doesn't feel flimsy rather it doesn't feel cheap. The size of the device is so perfect that it really feels good and very easy on the hand extremely convenient to fold perfect to fit in your pocket. It is really lightweight and just a very well rounded phone and Samsung has introduced a fingerprint sensor in its low to mid-range devices which is nice because it's high time I mean a lot of other devices have them already. There is not a notification LED on this phone and Samsung tends to refrain from adding that tiny piece of convenience in its low-end smartphones.


At the bottom of the phone is a micro USB port and not a type C port. The Galaxy J6 is a dual-sim device so you've got your SIM card tray slot for the first SIM card and then another tray that houses the SIM card as well as a micro SD card storage slot which can house a 256 GB micro sd card and expanding your storage. The J6 is running Android 8.0 although 8.0 is already out and not sure if the J6 would be getting an update. When you unlock the phone you get pretty standard Samsung experience so nothing surprising there in terms of preloaded apps you get Samsung Pay Mini, you get Samsung mall, you get Samsung notes, you've got FM radio, then you've got a couple of Samsung goodies, the entire Google suite of apps and the Microsoft suite of apps as well, that's pretty much what you get in terms of preloaded apps. You also get a couple of features like the S bike mode and you get the walk mode which helps you monitor your walk while you're using your phone. You have got your S Secure where you can move all your private stuff and you know you have got a Samsung Mall. You also have got Dolby Atoms so just try plugging in your phones and then watching the movie like on Netflix or something with Dolby Atmos. Toby Atmos. Samsung introduced the Infinity design which was inspired by the Galaxy S9, so you get full width almost edge to edge display which is great to have at this price. It is really not as immersive as the Infinity designs usually are.


The display is 5.6 inches in size. It is Super AMOLED with a resolution of 720 by 1480 pixels which are quite low as compared to some of its competitors like to Redmi Note 5 or the Asus Zenfone Max Pro which featured full HD displays. 1080p displays allow for viewing 1080p videos which are a lot sharper and better to watch so not sure why Samsung held back that 1080p display on the Galaxy J6 but again it is a Super AMOLED display so colors are really good they are punchy. It is a 720p display phone but again even then you get a wider view because of the 18:5:9 display ratio which makes your viewing experience quite cool and watching videos obviously become a much better experience and talking about videos or watching videos the J6 allows you to chat while watching your video uninterrupted, which is called chat over video and it does exactly what it says, so it works for Whatsapp and native SMS app while you're watching videos on either YouTube or the inbuilt video player or the VLC player so, you know it is just a pretty a neat feature that you've built-in. The Galaxy J6 also features face unlock in addition to the fingerprint scanner and I think it is just great to see all of these features that make it to these low-end and mid-range smartphones.
Let's talk about the camera software as well as camera quality. Surprisingly, you will find the same software that you see in devices like the S9, obviously with reduced features but still quite comprehensive. So, you know you've got features like beauty mode, pro mode, you've got HDR as well and you also get a couple of stickers as well as you get continuous shot so all of these are standard. You have your video recording and you've got settings where you can swipe down on the screen to flip to the front camera. It does get a little bad I guess in terms of the video because it does shoot Full HD videos at 30 fps.


The J6 come for the 3000 mAH battery which is great for this phone and would easily last you whole day given that the processor is not as battery hungry and a screen resolution is quite low. The fast charging the J6 almost takes two hours to charge from zero to hundred so that
In the end, I think the galaxy J6 is just about a decent mid-level smartphone and there are quite a few options within this price bracket so, it really depends on what you're looking for. Each phone has its own specification and the J6 has its own specifications.
The launch date (in India) of J6 is May 22, 2018.

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