5 Android Apps of 2020 YOU SHOULD USE

Table of contents:
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Whale Paper (4k Wallpaper) App
  • 3. Remote Finger Print Unlock App
  • 4. Hex Installer App
  • 5. Synergy App
  • 6. Firefox Send App


1. Introduction

Today I have come with some new Android apps that you will find to be useful & quick. All these apps are fantastic, no matter how many downloads each one has.

Let’s start with the first app and that is Whale Paper.

2. WHALE PAPER (4K Wallpaper)

This application has less than a thousand downloads but I'm glad I found it because it has some very beautiful vector illustrations that can make any home screen pop. It is a relatively new app since it only has around 150 wallpapers but the developer adds a new one every day so you will still have a splurge of options to choose from and he creates each one individually so you won't be able to find these backgrounds anywhere else. There is a pro version that does cost a dollar and it removes the ads and enables the download button.


The next app is Remote Fingerprint Unlock. For those who have a PC can use this app to remotely unlock it since it uses your smartphone's fingerprint sensor or face unlock feature if you have a device like a google pick so, for the best part is that you don't even need root or ADB  (Android Debug Bridge) to get this working. You just need to install the windows module on your computer that I am providing you at the below of the article and from there you will need to follow the instructions found within the app to get it paired up. It has a ton of features especially if you get the pro version and supports wake-on-Lan so you can wake up your ethernet connected PC from sleep and unlock it automatically. You can unlock multiple computers and add various accounts to each computer and it has widgets and launcher shortcuts to unlock your PC straight from your androids home screen.  


Next we have two customization applications for any Samsung device. Hex Installer is the first customization app. The way Hex Installer works is it allows you to customize every element within the system UI individually so you can change the color of any object theme various third-party apps change the system font and customize other random aspects of the interface such as routing the Samsung keyboard or changing the transparency of the quick settings panel. You can also download and import Hex Themes or plugins that other people created. There's a whole library to choose from within the app.


The second customization app (the first customization just discussed above) is called SYNERGY. This has the same concept but it uses another app called Substratum Light Theme Engine to import and apply overlays from substratum themes. If you're not familiar with substratum, I should tell you that they are basically old themes on the Play Store created by third-party developers but these themes became unsupported for non-rooted users, when the new Andrew 9 Pie update arrived, Synergy brings these things back to life. 


Isn't annoying that when you have to share multiple large files to your friend especially through Android? This happens with all of us sometimes. With Firefox Send you can quickly share large files by uploading them to this app then it'll provide you with a temporary link to share with your friend so he or she can download those files quickly. You need not worry because files are uploaded with end to end encryption so only you and the receiver will know what you're sharing and you can share file sizes up to 1 GB in size. If you sign up for your Firefox account then they'll allow you to share files that are up to 2.5 gigabytes in size. 
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