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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. OneSingal- Free Web Push Notifications Plugin
  • 3. ICEGRAM – Popups, Welcome Bar, Optins and Lead Generation Plugin

Must have WordPress plugins for your WordPress website in 2020: Today I'm going to tell you all about some amazing free must have SEO Plugins for WordPress. As time goes on, new Plugins come out and there is a lot new talent and development out there, so in this video I am going to share with you some amazing Plugins that I found and I use on my website and I guarantee you by the end of this article that you will probably use at least two Plugins. So let's go ahead and introduce you all to these Plugins. 

2. ONESIGNAL – Free Web Push Notifications

No.1 is One Signal. Have you ever been to a website where that little note comes up saying ‘would you like push notifications’, well this Plugin will actually allow you to gather you know people's information and you can actually send out push notifications out through people's browsers. The great part about this Plugin is that it's free and it converts ten times better than email marketing. Suppose if I have around 3,800 people so whenever I actually sent out a poster I create a new project or if I add a new product to my e-commerce websites then these 3,800 people will be notified via browser and they can simply click on it and be directed to your website so it's a very convenient way to get people to come to your website and setting and having like an email campaign. Push notifications is kind email campaign where it's going email marketing is still amazing but if you're not using push notifications on your website get on because it is a free Plugin. It is amazing to use this Plugin. Every blogger should have it on every single website.

3. ICEGRAM – Popups, Welcome Bar, Optins and Lead Generation Plugin

Now comes the number of Ice Gram Plugin which I have put up at no. 2. Icegram gives you the ability to have popups on your website and it actually gives you the ability to have the pop-up bars also on top your website. Many of you have often seen announcement bar on the top of homepage of websites. It also creates pop-up subscriptions, email notifications etc. This Plugin has its kind of all in one thing, so it's a very useful Plugin. It gathers email addresses and it has tons and tons of positive reviews so you can see for yourself. I highly recommend it and it is simply amazing.


Let's talk about security of your website. There is no doubt that security is probably one of the most important things on our websites and if you are not using All-In-One WP Migration Plugin then you are missing out because this Plugin will actually just take a copy of your website, download it to your desktop and then you can upload it immediately. In fact, it is the easiest Plugin that I have found. Take backups and restore to secure your website. This Plugin has got reviews more than 3000 reviews and it has over almost 1 million active install. It is a great free Plugin and I highly recommend it because I use it and it is just amazing.


The next Plugin in our list is Really Simple SSL. The question arises is that why is this so important? As you may know that Google just had a huge update last year regarding SSL and if you don't have an SSL on your website, people get that like do not go this website this is a virus or porn website and people can get the wrong idea of your website. So, with this Plugin you get an SSL to work for your website. This Plugin is really lightweight simple SSL Plugin. I highly recommend getting a really simple SSL. After getting SSL people visiting your website will think that your website is secure to visit. So, definitely check out really simple SSL.
It is very simple to activate this Plugin. You can enable SSL in just one click. It is recommended to all users that before installing this Plugin make sure to take the backup of your website. All incoming request to your website will be changed to https. This Plugin lets your siteurl and homeurl change to https.
This Plugin has more than 4 million active installations. It is compatible with WordPress 4.6 or higher and 5.4 or higher. It has got 3900 5 star rating.


This is a caching Plugin. If you are not caching your websites then you should use it because it makes your site much faster and this has over 1 million active installs now. You can see amazing results with WP Fastest Cache. It is a free caching plugin. If you are using Site Ground they do give you a separate caching plugin. If you are not using then you need to use this plugin.

Features of WP Fastest Cache Plugin
The free plan of this plugin provides features like enable GZIP Compression, Minify CSS, Minify HTML, Leverage Browsing Caching, Combine CSS and Disable Emoji etc. This plugin also comes up with a premium version that provides some extra features like Mobile Cache, Widget Cache, Minify HTML plus, Minify CSS Plus, Minify JS, Database cleanup and so on. 

This plugin supports 21 languages. It has more than 1 million installations. It is compatible with WordPress 3.3 or higher. It has more than 2000 five star rating. I love this plugin and I recommend it to all of my friends and user of WordPress because it is amazing.

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