Extensions are very useful for any blogger, YouTuber and brands working online. Today, I have come up with some chrome extensions that provide easy access to the various free tools that help in various works ranging from doing keyword research for YouTube videos to the management of the channel for free of cost. These extensions are helpful in not only saving our time but also gives us tons of features that no other plugin provides for free.

Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy is a free browser extension with which you can:
  1. Do keyword research
  2. Add end screens
  3. Add info cards
  4. It gives easy channel management
  5. It allows video syndication
  6. Manage your comments
  7. Create thumbnails
  8. It allows you to do channel management and take the channel backups
  9. You can save your time on research stats

As per its official data, more than one million you tubers are using TubeBuddy. You get here bulk tools for cards, annotations and thumbnails and descriptions. Shortcut Links and advanced tools are available on the right top menu for easy access and quick use.


VidIQ is a YouTube certified chrome extension for free. This chrome extension is used by millions of creators and brands. It gives detailed analytics on each and every single video. In all, we can say that it provides comprehensive audit tools to YouTubers for the promotion of their YouTube channel by providing powerful creators tools. This extension also provides a keyword research tool to the creators and brands.
Both the above chrome extension gives access to a variety of features that are very helpful tools in promoting YouTubers. They help in creating thumbnails, generating tags, etc. Both have some kind of different features that a brand or YouTuber requires for the promotion of their channel.


This extension is very helpful for developers which uses code from Google’s Analytics Opt-out Add-on. This extension helps to block Google Analytics from recording the developer’s visit to their own website so that real stats can be known. Simply you get real stats like page views and sessions of our own websites and easily see visitor’s stats.


This extension is helpful in managing your username and password. Users can also secure notes and addresses in this chrome extension. It also helps in generating a secure password for your accounts so that it can auto-fill those passwords and forms to the websites you want.  The best thing about this extension is that it supports multiple OS and browsers. This helps a user to check-our fast by adding their card and shopping details. It gives access to add, edit, view and delete your username and password. You can also organize the credentials you have saved in the last pass chrome extension.
It is an award-winning password manager and trusted by more than 10 million users to save and secure their username and password and access from every computer and mobile device.


This extension is offered by Google that helps in typing the language of your choice. You can easily switch between two languages. If you type English and Hindi then you can easily switch between the two languages. In Google Input Tools users get access to a virtual keyboard for over 90 languages. Other features of Google Input Tools. Direct transliteration for more than 30 languages are also available in this tool. One of the drawbacks of this tool is that the user can’t input inside the Flash Application with the help of this tool. This extension is trusted by more than 1 million users. 

Some Keyboard shortcuts of Google Input Tools Extension:
  • By clicking Alt + Shift + N lets you switch to next input tools in the list
  • By clicking  Alt + Shift + R you can revert to the last input, you have used
  • To toggle the current input tool you can press Alt + Shift + T
In our upcoming articles are coming with the most useful chrome extensions for YouTubers and bloggers in 2020.

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