Table of Contents
  • 1. Introduction 
  • 2. Beeketing (Sales Pop) Free theme for eCommerce Store
  • 3. Features of Beekiting plugin
  • 4. Booster for WooCommerce plugin
  • 5. Features of Woocommerce plugin


I am sharing with you the best two free themes for woo commerce of all time. both the theme provides a good user experience and certain features that no other plugins provide. Some of the features of these plugins include optimized cart pages, direct checkout, save on acquisition cost, time-counter for promotion of products and related products feature, etc.


It is a plugin for WooCommerce website. It is an all-in-one marketing platform for Woo-commerce. Beeketing plugin allows a user to work with any Woocommerce theme. 

3. Features of Beeketing 

You can customize here the real and fake customer reviews that give a website visitor a chance to purchase from the website. In this Plugin, you can get recent sales notification of products. It has a beautiful responsive design and provides a better user experience. Here you will get some advance settings like you can adjust messages position, display and time. Notifications can also be easily customized on this Plugin. It is easy to install in just one-click and no coding at all is required in its installation. It auto-syncs with store data.

You can track your customer on your website like when a customer has subscribed, added a cart or purchased from your eCommerce store. More than 350,000 are already using this theme to increase sales from their platform.

Some of the big customers of Beeketing who are using this theme include Ola. pet, FlyPolar, Vivid Light Bars and Downlight Beeding etc.

The Beeketing Plugin can be easily used on Shopify, WordPress, Weebly and Bigcommerce. This plugin is totally free of cost to the users. You can download this plugin from here by a simple sign up process.


This is also a free plugin and comes with tons of features and supercharges your eCommerce store with awesome features. This plugin gives a fast loading website. 

5. Features of Boosters plugin for Woocommerce

Users get a feature of product upsell pop up in this theme which helps in boosting average order value and increasing profits. You can get free updates and support for free for one year and after that also you can use this theme with the last version you downloaded. This plugin offers a range of features like Price and currencies, Buttons and Labels and Products., etc. 

This Plugin allows users to work from their mobile. It also provides a feature of reviewing everything before publishing on the store. This theme suggests the customer with related products option which helps in boosting your average value order and helps in increasing the profit.
It provides its users a beautiful feature of Mega Menu where you can promote discounted products. In this Mega Menu, you can showcase collection and menus.

Booster also provides a feature of Promotion Timer Countdown which creates a fear in the minds of the visitor of missing out deals, so people can add those items in the cart for purchasing.

If you are looking for different currencies on your eCommerce website then Booster will take care of you. Booster for Wordpress works with more than 180 currencies and provides the GEO IP currency feature which helps in automatically detecting the currency.

It also provides a special feature of discount on exit intent for the first time visiting customers/buyers by offering certain discounts like “Sign up to our newsletter for 10% off additional your first order” which gives the last chance to the visitors for purchasing products before leaving the website.

Booster for Wordpress is available in 10 languages including French, German and Spanish which gives more chance to those customers from different nations speaking different languages to buy products from your eCommerce store.  This theme also provides the option to its users to check out directly without adding the product to the cart, which saves the time of a buyer on your website thereby giving a good user experience. This also increases buyers' impulsivity. According to Boosters itself, more than 19 thousand Shopify users are using Booster with 91% customer support satisfaction. 

Additional features like Free + Shipping, Get my gift today and just pay shipping, is also available in this theme which increases the chance of adding a product to the card instantly. If you thinking to start your business with eCommerce store then do check out these and also see the latest updates and features from their developers from time to time. 

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